Tracking Down the Necromancer  

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Earring of Wicked Torment
a void crystal fragment

This quest is the sixth quest in the Goddess, Orb, and Void Quest Series quest line. It is initiated by talking to Ignatios in Lesser Faydark, whom you freed during the course of An Evening Jaunt.

First, you must talk to Calacea Mossrunner in Village of Somborn in Loping Plains at -349, 9.9, -68.34 . She tells you to talk to Mirwen Beluran at Gnomeland Security Headquarters in the Steamfont Mountains.

Mirwen is in Steamfont/Gnomeland Security HQ at -550,171,1026.52 . Mirwen sends you to find the Necromancer, Kilzak, in Greater Faydark.

The Necromancer is located inside a special instance, The Silent Cavern, off of Greater Faydark which is accessible by a door located at -456.61, 54.55, -270.72

Enter the zone and work through a number of 68ish ^^^ Heroics until you find Kilzak the Twisted -279, -38, -10 . Kill him for your update and then talk to Rooleean Felodaan in Greater Faydark at -443.25, 124.28, 496.29 to complete the quest.

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