Plucked From the Source  

CategoryGreater Faydark
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Min Coin: 47c
Max Coin: 52c
Choice Of:
Vicar's Bracers
Windcaller's Bracers
Marshall's Bracers
Bodyguard's Bracers
Evoker's Bracers
Pathfinder's Bracers
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A Shroomba budling.
A Shroomba budling.
Sentry Trillis thinks you can counteract the slime the polluters are adding to the pond with the spores of the small budlings tended by the Shroombas to the west.

  1. Collect six spores. The Shroombas are around the tree and to the west. You're looking for small spotted mushrooms called "a Shroomba budling" - they'll puff spores when you get close to them. Right click and select "collect spores" or double click.
  2. Return to Sentry Trillis.

Grobin Trouble at the Pond Greater Faydark
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The Nursery
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