Pillage or be Pillaged  

Gloln Kilnkor at East Fort Irontoe suggests that you gather a few of your friends to launch an assault upon Kamp Krulkiel.

Note: The clickable updates for this quest take about 5-10 minutes to reset.

  • Find a way to release the captured animals. Examine the hastily constructed fence near the captured grazers at 251,271,-265 .
  • Destroy the crate of stolen weapons. Examine the crate labeled Ironforge Exchange: Order Number: 8951 - Spears, Short at 294,273,-493 .
  • Destroy the crate of stolen Kaldim supplies. Examine the crate labeled Property of the Everhot Foundry at 288,273,-494 .
  • Destroy the barrels of dwarven spirits. Examine the barrels labeled Dwarven Spirits at 284,273,-495 .
  • Slay 8 Krulkiel grunts, found on either of the two entrance ramps of Kamp Krulkiel or near Warlord Ozobrek inside the camp.
  • Slay Wolfmaster Dulkyr, found near the wolf pen at 18,271,-589
  • Slay 6 Muckflick mercenaries, found near Wolfmaster Dulkyr at 41,268,-521 .

Return to Gloln, who will offer his final quest, All Quiet on the Western Front?.

Timesaver! This quest has steps, hunting areas, or mob targets in common with the following quest(s).

A Report of an Army Butcherblock Mountains
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East Fort Irontoe
All Quiet on the Western Front?
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As of GU56, there are still no cloth or leather rewards for this quest.

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