"The Amygamalion - The Form"  

This quest is initiated by reading the book, "The Amygamalion - The Form". This book is a chest-drop from random monsters in the Temple of Cazic-Thule. See the book's page for a list of monsters known to drop this book.

You are tasked to kill groups of monsters (listed below). After each step you must read the book again to receive the next task.

After the last step, read the book a final time to complete the quest. The reward is a furniture version of the book, "The Amygamalion - The Form".


The book is a timed spawn at 24.6, 0, -31.7 in the Temple of Cazic Thule.

  1. - 10 Tae Ew Heralds
  2. - 10 Tae Ew Heralds
  3. - 10 Tae Ew Heralds
  4. - 10 Small Clay Golems
  5. - 10 Small Clay Golems
  6. - 10 Small Clay Golems
  7. - 10 Glare Lords
  8. - 10 Glare Lords
  9. - 10 Glare Lords

After completing them all you receive some experience and a furniture version of the book, which you can place in your home.

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