Halting the Plague  

CategoryWorld Event
Required Mobs:
Ancestral Totem of the Witchdoctor

This quest is needed to be able to end the plague from the Live Event initiated around Live update 5. It requires you to finish the three earlier parts: “Finding the Remedy”, “Finding the Remedy II” and “Finding the Remedy III”. Initiate it by speaking to Apothecary Ridren in Nektolus Forest.

Simply, enter the Crypt of T’Haen – fight up to T’Haen – and Kill him!

Notice, this takes about 6-9 hours because all mobs are group x2 – group x4.

After that, return to Ridren to receive your reward.

Totem of the Witchdoctor the Apothecary

The plague is now cured from your server. Congratulations.

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