Into the Tainted Forest  

CategoryQueen's Colony
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 55c
Max Coin: 63c
Qeynosian Studded Helm
Qeynosian Cloth Hood
Qeynosian Plated Coif
Qeynosian Leather Cap

This quest is given by Murrar Shar after you complete the "A Presence of Evil Quest". He will send you to speak to Predator Sha'dur in the Tainted Forest. To reach him head west into the Sunset Meadow and then turn north (right) up the steps (184, 6, 115).

Sha'Dur has lost his bow and arrows and needs your help getting them back. First you must kill Tainted Sapswill Tappers in the Tainted Forest (which is the sub-area you are now in) to retrieve his bow. It may not drop the first time but it will drop soon. Once you have the bow return to Sha'dur.

He then asks you to search the wood near a spider den in the southeastern corner of the Tainted Forest. Just turn right and hug the wall. I'd recommend that you first speak with Deianeria first though, who is next to the predator. Her quest (called Tainted) requires you to kill the spiders which guard the sticks that you must collect. So you can achieve both at once.

You must harvest three of these sticks (by double left clicking them) at (99, 1.6, 120). This will give him the materials he needs to make new arrows. Once you have all three return them to Predator Sha'dur.

You can then return to Murrar Shar for your reward. This will also open up the Joining the Forward Ranks quest.

Click here to see the video walkthrough by Kidknie Rippender.

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