Sabotage: Sober and Sour  

Level100 (Scales)
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Faction Changes:

This is a sabotage quest given by Gol M'Tun at -30, -15, -56 in Antonica. All of these quests take place within the city of Qeynos and may involve avoiding high level guards, depending on your own level.

To reach this area, enter The Peat Bog from Antonica, zone into Vermin's Snye, and from there to The Down Below. Once in the Down Below you can access the main parts of Qeynos. If guards should detect you then you will be teleported to Antonica.

You are given 20 minutes to dump out 5 kegs of ale in the taverns of the Qeynos Province District.

Return to Gol M'Tun when you have completed this task.

Freeport Betrayal and Citizenship
Quest Series
District Sabotage

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