Ogres Down Below!  

CategoryCastleview Hamlet
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Min Coin: 1s
Max Coin: 1s, 18c
Guktan carryall
An Ogre Satchel

Kwa has received word of Ogres in the Down Below from Rrak Boldfist.

Talk to Rrak Boldfist at the Repository. He tells you that he saw what must have been an Ogre hunting in the Down Below. It was not too far from the Castleview Hamlet entrance. Return to Kwa and tell him what you have learned. Kwa asks you to investigate.

Enter the Down Below, just West from Kwa. There is a pack (it looks like a sack) on the floor at -158, 0, -174; there is no agro on the way. Click on it to find the Ogre satchel.

Take the satchel back to Kwa and receive your reward.

This quest leads to Marr's Witness.

Froglok in Waiting Qeynos Villages
Quest Series
Race: Froglok
Castleview Hamlet
Marr's Witness
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