Riding the Winds of Change  

CategoryGreat Divide
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 29g, 85s, 79c
Max Coin: 32g, 94s, 88c
Faction Changes:

Examine a strange shield, which is dropped by an enraged shadowbeast while on the quest Testing Their Icy Grip, to begin this quest.

  1. Speak to Thurr on Snowfang Isle
  2. Speak to Noden Loadcrusher, who is northeast of Thurr, next to the griffon flight master at -1407,-509,-2248 .
  3. Take the griffon to Thurgadin Harbor. Once you land you will get the update.
  4. Speak to Bellik Coldthunder at 1301,-540,406 to complete the quest.

Testing Their Icy Grip Great Divide
Quest Series
Snowfang Isle
Shattered Shield
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