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This quest is given by Sergeant Tuskin at the Swiftrider camp after you complete the Scouting and Stingers quest. You must scout four goblin camps in the Pillars of Flame:

  • Camp Char'Nik: 265, -90, -998
  • The Grueling Pits: 145, -87, -972
  • Camp Gar'Nik: 132, -88, -1080
  • The Scrawling Cliffs: 441, -75, -835

Once you have scouted each area you must slay some goblins which can be found around ( 172, -102, -993 ) . You must kill:

After this return to Sergeant Tuskin.

Scouting and Stingers Pillars of Flame
Quest Series
Swiftrider Caravan Camp
The Prophet Problem
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