Far Seas Supply Division - Rescuing the Relics  

Level80 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Far Seas Trading Company Token
Choice Of:
a male terracotta monk
a male terracotta warrior
a female terracotta warrior
Faction Changes:

Mission Info
Group Tradeskill Solo
Level 50 to 80
Expires in 7 days
1 FSTC Token
Shadow Odyssey Tradeskill Missions
Tradeskill Solo

Click on the Desk next to the Supply Cupboard at -94.21, 3.49, 104.75 to receive this quest. This quest takes place in The Endless Catacombs, an instance under the Tower of the Four Winds. The map for this is the same as The Forsaken City.

You'll need to earn access to the Tower of the Four Winds to get into the instance. For all the questions and answers, see Brother Lika's page or the comments tab of this record.

Retrieve 45 terracotta warriors before the monks destroy them in training exercises.

The terracotta warriors are level always ^^^ Heroics, 10 or more levels above your own! This is going to be harder than you thought...

Just inside the instance you will find the body of a failed initiate. Loot the corpse to find an enchanted throwing hammer. This optional charm slot item can be used at a fair distance from warriors and will render the terracotta warriors inert so you can collect them.

To return to the Tower, use one of the Dimensional Portals. There are at least 2, one of which is in the chamber you arrived in.

Once back in the Village of Shin return to Madria Varas and click on the Supply Cupboard ( -94.03, 2.63, 106.97 ) to "leave relics", which completes the quest.

a failed initiate
a failed initiate
an inert terracotta warrior
an inert terracotta warrior
A Dimensional Portal
A Dimensional Portal


+2,000 faction, 1 FSSC token and the choice of one of the following:

Shadow Odyssey Tradeskill Missions
Quest Series
Solo Missions

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