Tribute to the Huntress  

This quest is intended to be available after GU56 is released, and should remain in game until GU57 is released.

Quest Starters

GOOD PLAYERS: Begin this quest by speaking to a priest of Marr at:

    • 335,-21,139 inside Irontoe's East in North Qeynos
    • 202, 108, 343 inside Jysolin's Pub in Kelethin

EVIL PLAYERS: Begin this quest by speaking to a celebrating barbarian at:

    • 2388,19,1383 on Gorowyn's docks in Timorous Deep
    • -165,-5,255 in the Dockside Markets area of Neriak
    • 289,-3,84 inside the Blood Haze Inn in West Freeport


I feel called to leave an offering at the Cairn of the Huntress in New Halas.

There are two possible tasks you can receive for this quest:

  • Obtain artifacts from the old Knights of Marr, whose skeletons are among those that roam in Freeport's Graveyard. (0/3)
    • In The Graveyard, kill any of the skeletons until you get all three updates.


  • Pick pomegranates from the tree outside the Keep of Marrsfist in The Commonlands. (0/3)
    • Travel to the Hidden Canyon Griffon Tower and pick up the pomegranate fruit on the ground beneath the tree around 618,-47,703 .

After completing your task, the final stage is to head to New Halas in the Frostfang Sea. You can reach this zone by taking any World Bell or the griffon from Butcherblock Mountains.

  • I should travel to New Halas to leave my offering at the shrine.
    • Travel to the Cairn of the Huntress at 39,149,-45 in New Halas. Click on the green sparkle in front of the shrine to leave your tribute.


Any completion aside from the ones specified below will only reward you experience.

The 1st time you complete this quest, your reward is:

The 5th time you complete this quest, your reward is:

The 10th time you complete this quest, your reward is:

Any completion beyond the 10th should reward a Valorian Bloom.[1]

  1. ^ Known reward changes as per Domino on the Test forums.

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