Bootstrutter's Trail Guide to South Mist  

Grants AA
CategoryEnchanted Lands
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 53s, 57c
Max Coin: 59s, 97c

This quest is initiated by examining a marker near the Klakroks, just northeast of the docks at -187, 5, -54 . You must visit a series of locations in the Enchanted Lands. They are:

  • Lost Village of Bobick (docks)
  • The Guppy, around -77, -16, 146 . This is in the sea at the sunken boat. Water breathing is handy, but not necessary.
  • Bumblethorn Patch, near Sir Tatters at 283, 0, -115
  • The Goblin Ward: 166, 10, -434
  • Rivergate Cascade: -396, -5, -44 (You must swim to the bottom to explore and get your quest credit!)
  • The Fae Isle. Follow the coast to the right from the docks, it's the little island at the edge of the map: -517, -3, 71
  • Chomper's Pond: -260, -2, -520

Enchanted Lands
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