Flitch's Prank (The Hideout)  

Grants AA
CategorySundered Splitpaw
Level60 (Scales)
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Flitch Earmite in Splitpaw Den -78.58, -71.66, -191.62 asks you to perform a prank for him.

He asks you to head into The Hideout -84.25, -73.70, -160.02 , which is adjacent to the Splitpaw Den, and destroy 10 gnoll supply crates. To do this you must move a barrel next to the supply crate and then detonate it.

Most of these crates are guarded by gnolls, but some are not. Players who can invis or stealth can sneak around and get some of these with no combat involved.

The reward is experience and fulfilling one of the requirements of the Darkened Shard quest.

A Darkened Shard Splitpaw Saga
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