Burglars Afoot  

Grants AA
On Stage: 1
Has Quest: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Related Items:
burglar evidence
burglar evidence
burglar evidence
Min Coin: 15g, 15s, 54c
Max Coin: 15g, 36s, 89c
Droag Note
a map
unseen hand card puzzle

This quest is started automatically when players enter their respective (good or evil) camps on the Hidden Refuge after completing the On Her Majesty's Secret Service or On the Overlord's Secret Service quests.

The first step is to investigate the two treehouses on the first isle (Temple Grounds) of Tenebrous Tangle. The first is north-northeast from the top of the waterfall that leads down to the Hidden Refuge at 38,42,96 , and the second is south of the Shrine to the Wurmking at -71,78,-47 .

Once both have been investigated, you are sent to kill a Herald of Dar. He is a triggered spawn just outside of the zone-in to The Temple of Scale at -30,47,-170 . He will drop a chest and upon examining the note it will update your quest. As a result, you need to kill a herald for each person in the group that needs this update.

Next you have to get a map either by killing The Soundless Guardian (his respawn time is about 10 minutes) at the top of the Shrine to the Wurmking, or clicking on the a Message Chest which is also at the top of the Shrine to the Wurmking. The Soundless Guardian spawns on the top of the temple at -112, 74, -112 , but will not become targetable until you kill all of the drakes on the temple first.

You must then visit three locations:

  • Furthest north point on the isle of eyes (Gazer Isle) 1000, 467, -125
  • Furthest north point on the isle of fear (Fear Tainted Isle) 48, 244, 770
  • A crater grove on the isle of birds (Vultak Scavenging Site) -710, 171, -79

NOTE: Each of the clues are a ground spawn on top of a corpse there is a 5-10 min respawn on the Clues that have to be harvested and each person in the group that needs the update must get one of the clues.

After getting the final clue you get a playing card. Examining it asks you a total of eight questions, which you must answer correctly to continue. You will get a 15 minute timer after answering the 8th question correctly. The answers are:

  • 1. Crows Tavern
  • 2. Irontoe's East
  • 3. P.T. Irontoe
  • 4. Kaladim
  • 5. Crow
  • 6. Crow's resting place
  • 7. Fippy Darkpaw
  • 8. Ping Fuzzlecutter

After answering all 8 questions the quest will update and give you a 15 minute timer to "search the evidence at the plank on a Brooding Isle". The plank is on the eastern side of the Breeding grounds at 371, -115, 510

Once you inspect the note on the end of the plank, Drippy Darkpaw appears, who is a level 60 straight con mob. He has a nasty knockback spell. Kill him for the quest update.

This key unlocks the chest at 564, -146, 641 , behind some rocks on the same island as Drippy. Opening it will auto-complete the quest and reward you with the Disk of Bylze and Drippy Darkpaw's Note.

Examine this disk to open up the Coin Operation: The Sanctum of the Scaleborn quest.

You can examine the map you received from the Soundless Guardian update to begin the quest Whole Lotta' Holes.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service
On the Overlord's Secret Service
Quest Series
Coin Operation: The Sanctum of the Scaleborn
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