A Wisp of Pure Air  

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a wisp of pure air
The Sphere of Containment

This quest is part 8 of 13 for the Fabled version of the Conjuror-only Epic Weapon, Elemental Dominance.

  1. Use your abilities to query and dominate 'a docile air elemental' in Kylong Plains, near Teren's Grasp ( 1473, 392, -326 ) , at the same location as before.
  2. A level 80^ air elemental will spawn in its place and attack you.
  3. When you have all 10, right-click on the stack in your inventory and select 'use'. This will give you the update.

Chel'dok's Fiery Cinch
The Sphere of Containment
Conjuror Epic Weapon
Quest Series
A Flow of Pure Water
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