A Small Sampling  

Grants AA
CategoryNektulos Forest
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Min Coin: 53s, 67c
Max Coin: 59s, 97c
Choice Of:
Salve of the Night
Potion of the Night

This is the Tombs of Night entrance quest for evil players. It is given by Thraixe Il'ferrai outside of Timber Falls ( 410, 26, -1488 ).

You must collect four rock samples in the Tombs of Night: A Search for Answers instance. This is located just behind Timber Falls at 474.76, 24.81, -1588.96 . These reports are mined from rocks (no skill required) inside of the Tombs of Night. These are spawned by killing the various mini-bosses in the zone with the exception of the fourth. All but one of these are spawned via mini-ring events that are described below. When the mini-bosses die, the good and evil components will spawn so you can do them together.

  1. a smooth rock sample - Clear the Grinnin Sporechanters upstairs on the upper floor of the zone and a new wave of Sporechanters will pop. Clear them and The Mold Reaper will spawn. Kill him to spawn the piece. Lvl 1 (near 35, -.15, 7 )
  2. a rock sample and a wounded scout
    a rock sample and a wounded scout
    a damp rock sample - Clear all the ruffians on the second floor. There are several groups of them and you need to kill every single one. This will spawn three summoners who will begin casting a spell. Kill them and Chief Strongarm will spawn. When you get near him he will spawn some mobs to attack you. Dispense of them and then kill the Chief to spawn this piece. Lvl 2 (near 36, -26, 60 )
  3. a strange rock sample - In the lower water area, near where you fall if you drop down the waterfall, clear all the netslingers and other grinnins in the area. This will spawn a new wave of mobs. Kill them and Lureclaw the Angler and Gulp will spawn. Kill them to spawn this piece. Lvl 3 (near 56, -41, +121 )
  4. an interesting rock sample - -77.74, -37.04, 103.04 . Go down through a breakable wall into a vampire room. Go south down the passage northeast of Chief Strongarm room.

After collecting all four, return to Thraixe for your reward, and to open up the "A Bloody Coup" quest.

Bloodline Chronicles
Quest Series
Brethren of Night
A Bloody Coup
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