A Necessary Step  

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a captured shrumbler hatchling
a Fae spirit bud
a shrumbler hatchling
Shrumbler Net
Min Coin: 18g
Max Coin: 18g, 30s
Summon: Minion of Hate
Faction Changes:

Starter: Xilania Nevagon

  • Hail Xilania
  • She tells you to retrieve a Fae spirit bud from the newbie area to the north. To do this, you'll have to catch a shrumbler from the goblin cave in the SouthWest of that area (not the caves off of the passageway from Greater Faydark). Use the "Shrumbler Net" in your inventory.
  • Once captured, bring it to a sandsponge in the water by the beach at -346, -71, -762 . Harvest the sponge then kill it. Then pick up the shrumbler and release it in the nursery area. It'll choke on a spirit bud.
  • Right click to gut it and bring the spirit bud back to Xilania.

Rage Unleashed Innoruuk
Quest Series
A Hatred Repressed
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