Broken Barrier: Wounded of the Air  

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gaseous scout

This quest is a sub-quest of part 1 for the Fabled version of the Warden-only Epic Weapon, Bite of the Wolf.

  1. Find a nameless druid in the Ryjesium Peaks of Kylong Plains at 1435, 417, -541 .
  2. Fish 10 gaseous scouts (the look like small clouds) off the cliffs, ranging from about 1527, 384, -319 to around 1355, 385, -252 . There are approximately 8 of them, with a relatively short respawn of up to 3-4 minutes
  3. Return to the nameless druid.
  4. Return to Veryn P'Neru.

This quest can be done at the same time as:
A Broken Barrier Warden Epic Weapon
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