A Clockwork Snoop  

Grants AA
CategorySteamfont Mountains
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 2g, 99s, 88c
Max Coin: 3g, 7s, 15c
Pulsing Gem of Prowess

Speak with Waynil Garwater at the Garwater Regency in Gnomeland Security Headquarters -562, 174, 919 . To release a Gnome Observatron, Use it in your inventory. To Activate it, right click on it and select Activate, or hail it.

  1. Release and activate the first Gnome Observatron near Klak'Anon at -408, 108, 1294 .
  2. Release and activate the second Gnome Observatron near Klak'Anon at -495, 116, 1179 .
  3. Release and activate the third Gnome Observatron near Klak'Anon at -495, 113, 1392 .
  4. Return to Waynil Garwater

Steam-Powered Spies Steamfont Mountains
Quest Series
Gnomeland Security Headquarters
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