An Eye on the Clue  

Inspect the coin given to you by Bilgeron Cogsworth IV when you completed his previous quest. You realise the eyeball monster must have meaning to it and that there are eye monsters on Gazer Isle.

  1. Go to Gazer Isle via the Cloud Stations Network and slay a few gazers.
  2. After killing a few gazers a wicked gazer spawns. Kill it and Gnibliks Shortstacks will appear.
  3. Speak to him to complete the quest. However, if Gnibliks dies during this fight, you can alternatively return to Bilgeron.
    • Alternate ending: Return to Bilgeron. He tells you Gnibliks has arrived and wants to talk to you. He's around the pillar corner from Bilgeron.

To the Isle of Fear Cloud Mount
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The Bees Sees
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