A Thorn of Old  

This quest is given by Fuzzmin the Lost on Whisperwind Isle in the The Barren Sky -587, -48, -408 . It is the quest for the Wurmslayer.

First you are asked to kill 3 named mobs:

After obtaining these return to Fuzzmin. He will give you a Rusty Wurmslayer.

You must take it to An Old Man, next to the pool at the bottom of the waterfall at Hidden Refuge in Tenebrous Tangle 81, -241, 192 . You will have to read his text and answer carefully or the dialogue will end and you'll have to start over.

At the end of this conversation he will give you a recipe scroll to forge the Re-shafted Wurmslayer.

It requires a rare special oak shaft - a beautiful oak shaft, which can be found in a chest next to where Cyenadros, Lord of the Sanctum spawns in The Lair Of The Scale; an area deep within Sanctum of the Scaleborn. The chest can be found at 23.87, 121.78, 307.6 or -3.15, 121.78, 333.58 . You will now have a beautiful oak shaft in your inventory. You also need 10 harvestable rough lumbered rosewood, from any T7 lumber node, and 5 scintillating coal from any fuel merchant. Go to the draconic forge -116, 65, -34 in Sanctum of the Scaleborn and craft the Re-shafted Wurmslayer. This is a level 60 Geocraft combine. If you do not have the requisite skill then you information suggests that you can do this by commissioning someone who can (TBC).

Return to the old Weaponsmith by the waterfall and speak with him again for the next step in renovating the weapon.

He will give you then next task, to obtain a special metal bar in order to then craft the re-bladed Wurmslayer. The metal bar is obtained from a clickable chest in Palace of the Awakened, on the 3rd floor near the non-player usable crafting tables/workbenches. Head to The Barren Sky and go to 120, 150, 121 . Enter the Palace and go to the clickable chest 179, 57, 35 . You will receive an imbued bar of metal.

Now return to the draconic forge. You will require 15 adamantine clusters and 5 more scintillating coal, as well as the metal bar and the wurmslayer from the previous step. This is level 63 Geomancy combine. You will receive re-bladed Wurmslayer.

Once again go back to the Old Weaponsmith and talk with him. He will task you with acquiring A Quellithulian Enchantment from a scroll case which spawns at -51, -59, -110 near the Carniverous Pillar in the The Halls of Fate which is off The Bonemire. The scroll case is harvestable and you will receive A Quellithulian Enchantment. Once you have this, yet again head back to the draconic forge to make a Formed Wurmslayer. You will require 20 rough topaz and 7 scintillating incense as well as the Wurmslayer and the enchantment. This is a level 65 Geomancy combine.

Yes you guessed it - back to the Old Weaponsmith. This time he will task you with killing 3 Wurms and gathering a vial of their blood so that it can then be used in the final process to infuse the weapon to finish the re-forming process:

He will give you a (level 65 artisan) recipe for the Blood-Imbued Wurmslayer. Combine this with the three vials of blood, one from each of the dragons.

Go back to the forge in Sanctum of the Scaleborn to craft your reward. In addition to the Formed Wurmslayer you created the last time at the forge and the three vials of blood you will need 7 Scintilating incense as fuel. The item is a level 70 difficult Geocraft combine, but at level 65 artisan it should not be that difficult. Note: the recipe in your recipe book incorrectly calls for a Re-bladed Wurmslayer instead of a Formed Wurmslayer but this is just a display error. Once you complete the combine you will complete the heritage quest.

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