All You Did Was Hang Around And Eat Our Eggs!  

CategoryButcherblock Mountains
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 1g, 21s
Max Coin: 1g, 35s
Choice Of:
Polished Ring of the Farseer
Band of the Warbird
Hammerborn Silver Band
Golden Band of the Windcaster

Torin Hammerborn in West Fort Irontoe wants you to destroy the Kragploom's leadership.

The leaders can be found on Kragploom Roost. To get there, climb the wall at 495,327,-127 to the mesa, then head north-northwest and climb the next wall at 604,351,-297 to the roost.

Once in the roost, head over to the ramp near 485,363,-533 and go up it. At the first treehouse is Windcaster Ortan ( 510,409,-548 ) . Note: Sometimes there are two aviak ambushers in the bottom level of this house, which are both 31^ mobs.

After defeating Ortan, exit the treehouse, turn to your right and carefully cross the planks west to the next ramp ( 524,402,-552 ) . Climb up the second ramp and there will be two treehouses. The one at the very end has Featherseer Tolmak inside ( 606,412,-527 ) .

Once these two are defeated you must then slay Warbird Jarkin ( 571,423,-546 ) . He is found in the second treehouse that you passed on your way to Featherseer Tolmak. Note: Sometimes there are two or three Kragploom raptors in the bottom level of this house.

After defeating the Kragploom leadership, return to Torin.

Sometimes You Have To Break A Few Eggs... Butcherblock Mountains
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