The Mended Hand  

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The Restored Hand of Serenity

This quest is for the Mythical version of the Monk-only Epic Weapon, The Restored Hand of Serenity.

  1. Speak with Master Makoto Shoda in Fens of Nathsar (he wanders the beach between Sathir's Span and Omen's Call). He will instruct you to meditate in the shadows of the fangs.
  2. This is the Foot of the Fangs, behind The City of Mist in the Kunzar Jungle. You will find a rock formation at -276, 150, -1123 . Click the rock and you will meditate. Following meditation you will receive the following instructions:
    • The Pawbuster must be destroyed to ensure the safety of the people of Teren's Grasp.
  3. Kill Pawbuster in The Execution Throne Room
  4. Kill Venril Sathir in Venril Sathir's Lair
  5. Kill the dragon, Phara Dar, in Veeshan's Peak
The Broken Hand Monk Epic Weapon
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