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Blasting Stone
Choice Of:
Cummerbund of the Flame Assassin
Belt of the Lava Soldier
Girdle of the Magma Priest
Sash of the Lava Magi
Faction Changes:

  1. Go to the The Crossbridge Tower in Chardok and destroy four air ward totems there (clickable rock sculptures).
    1. Totem of I'ar Rofu
    2. Totem of I'ar Efiv - upper south side (-420, -66, 27)
    3. Totem of I'ar Xis
    4. Totem of I'ar Venes
  2. Kill Warlord Hir'roul ( -420, -66, 12 ) Click here to go to EQ2Map to get a key. His placeholder is a barracks lord. He is not a common spawn and is contested. Expect to spend a lot of time camping this.
  3. Use the key on the chest inside the officer's room, center of hanging tower, to get four Blasting Stones. Updates all group members on this step, but only the player with the key will get the stones.
  4. Place bombs around the large chains on the outer edge of The Crossbridge Tower. The info window says a chain link and only the player with the Blasting Stones can see it. The location will be on the floor a few feet away from the chain (see picture, below). Place the stone and move back! When the stone explodes anyone standing within a few yards of the spot will be hit by Boombottom Blast for 8855 heat damage.
  5. Return to Skyrider Tosuj

The Relentless sabotaging The Crossbridge Tower
The Relentless sabotaging The Crossbridge Tower

If you have at least 5,500 faction with The Gwalnax Brigade at this time, which you should, you may proceed to Nectar of the Villisis.

Keeping the Stone Man Down Kylong Plains
Quest Series
Gwalnax Brigade Tower
Nectar of the Villisis
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