Awakening of the Underfoot  

CategoryWorld Event
Level70 (Scales)
Min Coin: 1g, 66s, 50c
Max Coin: 1g, 85s, 94c
Pick of the Underfoot

Bronlor Stormhammer is standing outside the entrance to Blackburrow under a tent. He asks you to run around to some of the tents in the immediate area and talk to:

  • Underpaw Chieftain
  • Skindancer Chieftain
  • Splitpaw Chieftain
  • Dwarven Chieftain
  • Gnomish Chieftain

Next you have to kill wolves and/or gnolls to obtain meat for the Splitpaw Champions. You go back to Bronlor Stormhammer who tells you to go inside Blackburrow and use the pet that he gives you in your inventory to help sniff out the rumormonger. Just in the zone in you will get a prompt to release the pet. You follow him around for a while until he loses the scent and tells you to look for tracks inside a tunnel. Go in the tunnel at -5, 55, -18. You receive intermittent prompts of finding tracks. Run inside over the bridge and down to where the blightfang spiders are. Jump in the waterfall pool, and swim underwater over to the brewery. Speak to Pestario Norvegicus in the brewery then zone back out. Speak to Bronlor for your reward.

(Note: Quest scales to adventurer level)

The reward is a house item that should be examined inside the house and presumably gives some stat increase.

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