Parasite's Prize  

CategoryNektulos Forest
Started Byspine of a soul parasite
Required Mobs:

This quest is initiated by examining the spine of a soul parasite. This item is dropped on Soul Parasites in the Tombs of Night. You must kill the following monsters in the Tombs of Night:

  • Collect 4 items from Snakes
  • Collect 3 items from Mist Grinnin Herbalists
  • Kill The Explorer, a rare spawn in the "Tombs of Night" -84.34, 7.38, 33.25
  • Kill the Obdurate Parasite, a rare spawn at -14.31, -25.64, -43.01 (he has also been reported at -64.86, -24.69, -56.13 ). Soul Parasites are his placeholders

Bloodline Chronicles
Quest Series

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