Document Retrieval (Betrayal)  

Level100 (Scales)
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There are two quests by this name:

Neriak Betrayal

Magister De'Pater wants you to steal some documents from Darklight Palace.

  1. Find Inaste Z'Zizin at -581,49,-185 in Darklight Palace and speak to her so she leaves the room. Examine the note on the table and steal it.
  2. Return to the Magister with the note.
Taking a Different Path Neriak
Quest Series
Rescue the Reverend
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Enchanted Lands

Captain Gullyshank atop the large stump at 315, 18, -410 give this quest. He asks you to recover a few items for him:

  • A map at Bogbottom Mill (first floor of mill at 10, -1, -619 . It is to the left as you enter the frount door on the wall. You will need a group for this.

  • A boat design at Bogbottom Mill (first floor of mill at 8, -1, -621 . It is straight ahead on the wall as you enter the frount door. As with the map you will need a group for this.

  • A map at Tagglefoot Farms (around -790, -2, -671 ). It is possible to solo this if you are lucky and careful by opening the door and clicking the map from outside.

After obtaining all three return to Captain Gullyshank for coin and experience.

Enchanted Lands
Quest Series

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