A Sleeping Stone: Dark Shadows  

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This quest is part 5 of 9 for the Fabled version of the Mystic-only Epic Weapon, Cudgel of Obviation.

  1. Takk sends you to the Hidden Vale, which is an instance of The Shattered Vale. The entrance is at -2340, 9, -70 in Antonica. You'll want a group, but note that this zone is restricted to players level 80 and over.
  2. Kill six Darkened Spirits (80^^^) for your update. They float around outside of the perimeter of the druid ring.
  3. The clue you're searching for is the horned altar in the middle of the druid ring . You'll have to clear the zone to get to it. Right click the altar for your update.
  4. Return to Takk.

The next three quests can be obtained concurrently and done in any order.

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