Plots Within Plots  

Game Update #62
December 6, 2011

Speak to Lucanic Knight Xolantan at 10, -20, 34 to in the Overlord's Plaza in Freeport to begin this quest.

  1. Return to the Temple of War and enter the back room at -81, -7, -188 .
  2. Speak to Maldreya Darkheart. This will begin a ring event.
    • Defeat Maldreya.
    • Defeat Thesla Blackthorne.
    • Defeat Rusty Cogsprocket. He will summon a Clockwork Mechnobarrier partway through the fight which will need to be defeated since it wards Rusty. Occasional swarms of clockwork assaulters will also attack during the fight.
    • Defeat Maeldreya again. This time she is more difficult and at least once during the fight will heal from half to full health.
  3. Opal Darkbriar will now appear. DO NOT attack her! She's a level 90 epic x4.
  4. After Opal mocks you for a while, Lucan will show up and intervene. A lot of dialogue goes on, revealing a better understanding of what Opal has been up to.
  5. Speak to Opal after Lucan departs to complete the quest.

If you have also completed all of your archetype quests in Freeport: Speak to Cleerie Germinas in East Freeport to be given the final reward quest, Your Eternal Reward.

ZAM would like to thank Ceebia, Shadow of Fear on Antonya Bayle for some of the information in this article.


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