Memories of Misty Thicket  

This quest is initiated by reading the book "Memories of Misty Thicket". This book is obtained by clicking a pile of books at the Tree House in The Elddar Grove 670, 11, -392 . It consists of a series of kill tasks in Runnyeye. After each step you must read the book again to receive the next. They are:

  1. 8 Runnyeye miners
  2. 6 Runnyeye apprentice
  3. 4 Runnyeye diviners
  4. 7 savage warboars
  5. 7 Runnyeye miners
  6. 6 savage warboars
  7. 4 Runnyeye apprentices
  8. 8 Gorehorn hulks
  9. 10 savage warboars

The reward is a furniture version of the book that you can place in your home.

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