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Flickering Gem of Criticals

This quest is given by a Freeport emissary in the Hidden Refuge at 180,-230,108 after you complete On the Overlord's Secret Service.

  1. Inspect the remains of a Green Hood near the pond by the Temple of Scale
    • This is a human skeleton at 39,47,-147 . Click on it and choose to "read the crumpled scroll" for your update.
  2. Return to the Freeport emissary in Hidden Refuge
  3. Find the ten sacred pillars. These can be found around the territorial gorgs. Hover your cursor over them until you get a pop-up box of text and then click for the update.
    1. A broken pillar at 85,58,-10 (click near the broken section)
    2. A standing pillar at 100,58,-7 (click the center)
    3. A fallen pillar at 127,58,-0.21 (click near broken center)
    4. A fallen pillar at 135,58,-1 (click the broken center on the grass)
    5. A standing pillar at 129,58,-7 (click the center)
    6. A standing pillar at 128,58,4 (click near top)
    7. A standing pillar at 116,58,4 (click the center)
    8. A standing pillar at 107,58,4 (click the center)
    9. A standing pillar at 101,58,6 (click the near the broken top)
    10. A standing pillar at 92,58,-2 (click the center)
  4. Kill storm cells for 6 uncommon updates.
    • These float above the water outside the Temple of Scale. A good place to pull them is at -19,48,-112 .
    • They can also be found at a small pond above the Temple of Scale around -34,77,-202 .
  5. Search the pond for the last four sacred stones. This is a pile of brown rocks underwater in front of the Temple of Scale at -10,40,-137 .
  6. Return the stones to the Freeport emissary in Hidden Refuge to complete the quest.

Tenebrous Tangle
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