The Master of the Fluttering Wing  

This Access quest is required to enter Xux'laio's Roost.

  1. Get the book titles "The Bird Man of Mara" from the third level of the Tower of the Four Winds. It's on the bookshelf behind Lu Sywaka.
  2. Go to the Mystic Lake and find the birdcage at the Gunthak Camp ( 69.35,-37.15,328.22 ) click this. Cage is hanging from the tree over your head.
  3. A timer will start. You have 20 minutes to find eight other birdcages, listed below in the easiest order to run around:
    • Mystic Lake:
      • 2nd Birdcage: Near to Eddleron the Wise ( 146.90,-38.58,77.08 )
      • 1st Birdcage: Over the exit from the tunnel through the Tomb of the Sensei ( 10.68,-3.75,-0.57 )
      • 3rd Birdcage: North-East corner of the zone. You will need to climb a little way up the tree and then onto the rocks to reach this one. ( -285.14,0.62,-107.19 )
      • 4th Birdcage: First tree past the tunnel toward the druid ring. Cage is on the ground. ( -106.17,9.81,319.76 )
    • Village of Shin:
      • 7th Birdcage: Near the end of the tunnel from the Mystic Lake ( -250.06,3.40,-71.18 )
      • 6th Birdcage: Next to the house of Nurwen ( -187.00,7.51,-174.07 )
      • 8th Birdcage: On the South Side of the Tower of the Four Winds ( 39.72,35.07,-155.89 )
      • 5th Birdcage: Overhanging the South side of Arellia Augren's house ( 82.4,8.02,-57.19 )
  4. Run back to the initial cage at the Gunthak Camp and follow the bird to the entrance of Xux'laio's Roost ( 152.07,-33.47,35.07 ) .

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