Kill the Dead  

Grants AA
CategoryNektulos Forest
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 5s, 56c
Max Coin: 5s, 85c
Choice Of:
Thexian Kris
Wizard's Training Wand
Shortblade of the Nature Defender
Seafarer's Blade
Kris of the Dark Mage
Imbued Sceptre of the Spellpriest
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This quest is given by Jaeta H'arn on the beach 924, -0.87, -380 after you complete the Finals quest (see related quests).

You must slay 10 Dragoon Sentries in Nektulos and then return to Jaeta. The sentries can be found at the funeral pyre, -965,14,-740 .

This will open up the "Earn the Right" quest.

Finals Nektulos Forest
Quest Series
Earn the Right
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