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aloe plant
Glowing Gem of Casting Haste
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Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009

Journal Text: As brave as Pudge is, he must also be prepared to deal with any of his warriors that return from the assault upon Kurn's Tower injured. He has asked me to gather healing herbs, just in case they are necessary.

  1. Gather 8 Aloe on Big Rock Island.
    • Big Rock Island is at -1671.97, -375.18, -2660.18 in Fens of Nathsar. It lies just east of the Island of the Forgotten Ape. The Aloe that you are searching for is around the base of the rock on all sides.
  2. I should return to Pudge the Brave now that I have enough aloe.
    • Pudge the Brave is located at -1875.58, -390.82, -1772.42 in the burrow underneath Kurn's Tower.


Text for turn-in: Pudge the Brave: Thank Brell! Now our cursecleaners can start making the healing salves. PC: That's good. Pudge the Brave: It has been a while since our warrios entered the tower. I grow worried. We all do.

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Bellywhumper Burrows
Bellywhumper Grumble
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