Feelin' Gifty in Neriak!  

The Feelin' Gifty quests are non-repeatable and can only be done in one city. However, they all offer the same reward.

This is the Neriak quest from G'shugahplum Gigglegibber, and is part of the Frostfell festivities. In Neriak, G'shugahplum can be found at -90,10,289 .

Help G'shugahplum deliver his Frostfell gifts.

  1. Find the 6 persons from G'shugahplum's somewhat vague descriptions:
    • Flitty boy, so angry 'round biggie house in Neriak. Lights are pretty there.
      • This is Xunaun H'Texiate, at -545,28,-197 in the west courtyard of the Darklight Palace.
    • Pale face, biggie guy that hates being 'round house of books.
      • House V'Freervs slave is an ogre at -666,20,180 by the passage to the Library of K'Lorn.
    • Sneaky fur-girl likes her room under the stairs in Neriak. She nice to mes.
      • Katenka, the ratonga, is at -136,-5,259 in Neriak Down Under, in the room under the ramp.
    • Tall, green skin is funny! Hangs around pretty sparklies store in Neriak.
      • House Z'Xiett slave is a troll, at -558,22,191 behind the jeweler's shop in Cristanos Plaza.
    • Pointy ear, shadow girl on Masker's porch in Neriak
    • Tall and scaly, near pointy teeth Morties.
  2. Return to G'shugahplum and receive 6 gifts. Now, to get them to the right people! If you get it wrong, no reward and you start all over again!
  3. Return to G'shugahplum. If you got it wrong, he offers you option to try again.


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Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2006.

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