Haggler's Dozen  

CategoryFens of Nathsar
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 17g, 22s, 36c
Max Coin: 18g, 25s, 39c
Faction Changes:

Unlike many of the Bellywhumpers, Pulnil speaks fluent, if slightly accented, Common.

  1. Haggle with a merchant in Riliss or Bathezid's Watch (both require faction standing of Apprehensive or better)
    • Travel to Riliss and haggle for some cloth with Trader Silnn ( -688, 61, -88 ) .
    • Travel to Bathezid's Watch and haggle for some cloth with Merchant Dalk ( 1013.10, 207.02, 1229.85 ) .
  2. Return to Pulnil

The dialog is not a straight click-through, but you can restart it without penalty.

Fens of Nathsar
Quest Series
Bellywhumper Burrows
What's Theirs is Mine
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