In the Djinn Master's Service  


  1. I must recover the lost djinn vessels in Maj'Dul's The Tower of the Moon
    • Go to Maj'Dul and enter the special instance. Two people can zone in, so a friend can help, but you will have to zone in and repeat for second person to get updates.
    • Go invis to the third floor, and kill the three Djinn up there (plus roamer if he appears). You want to go to the third floor because they have a bad knock back, and you will get aggro from upper floors if you start fighting from the first floor. Ignore Mudeef, you want to speak to him after clearing the second floor.
    • Go invis down to second floor, and kill the three djinn. After killing, one person can harvest a broken Djinn bottle. The second will appear momentarily. It will only be visible to the first person who harvested it.
    • Go upstairs and Hail Mudeef. Whatever you do, do NOT click the 'one last thing' button, because you will die. Invis and head back down and zone out.
  2. The Djinn Master must be informed of the loss of these artifacts.

He will reward you with your choice of rewards, and then open up the "Capturing Day and Night" quest.

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Capturing Day and Night
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