Crippling the Defenses  

Grants AA
CategoryDeathfist Citadel
Related Zones:
Required Mobs:
Related Items:
an enchanted torch
Min Coin: 2g, 32s, 57c
Max Coin: 2g, 57s, 97c
Faction Changes:

  1. Angler gives you an enchanted torch
  2. Enter Deathfist Citadel and use the torch (right click on catapult) to burn the catapults on the battlements.
    • Burn the southeastern catapult
    • Burn the southwestern catapult
    • Burn the northwestern catapult
    • Burn the northeastern catapult
    • Burn the large southern catapult
    • Slay 8 Deathfist siege operators
  3. Return to Angler

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