To the Isle of Fear  

Bilgeron has been hearing rumors of a commotion of some sort occurring on Fear Tainted Isle. He wants you to investigate in case it is the missing Drednever team, but to also be careful in case it isn't. Explore every corner of the island.

  1. Travel to Fear Tainted Isle via the Clouds Station Network.
  2. Explore Fear Tainted Isle in search of clues.
    • Find the commotion, which is a large group of frightlings around a corpse. You will get an auto update around 54, 246, 802 .
  3. Slay the guardian - a treasure guardian, which will jump you.
  4. Return to Bilgeron.
  5. He will give you an Aged Seeing Coin. Examine it for the next quest.

Cogs on the Droags Cloud Mount
Quest Series
An Eye on the Clue
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