The Broken Hand: Bones of the Elder  

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Sebilisian Bone Trinket
The Blade of Tranquility

This quest is a sub-quest of part 1 for the Fabled version of the Monk-only Epic Weapon, The Hand of Serenity.

In Sebilis, speak to Elder Jaago in a jail cell at 71,-131,102 . (The first room after you jump into the water from the main foyer and swim down the waterfall.) Elder Jaago will not be visible until you open the cell and walk inside.

  1. Requires 20 bone trinkets which drop randomly off of level 80+ iksar in Sebilis.
  2. Bury the bones in The Elddar Grove, near the Dojo's garden, at 727, -19, -406 .
  3. Return to Jaago in Sebilis for the blade.
The Broken Hand Monk Epic Weapon
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