Dressed for Success  

This is a Guide Quest. On Live servers it can only be received from a Guide. On Test there are no guides so NPCs exist there to give out the quests. Information regarding Starting Zone and Mob are from Test.

On Test, talk to a snowcreature in Everfrost.

  1. Obtain a raw carrot from harvesting the Tier 2 bushes. (see Tier 2 Harvestables)
  2. Obtain two luminous coal from a crafting supplies merchant, for 15 36  each.
    • Prior to GU58, this coal was called lustrous black coal. The quest step still refers to lustrous black, but luminous coal will update the quest.
  3. Obtain two severed elm from harvesting Tier 1 wood. (see Tier 1 Harvestables)

Then it will auto-complete and you can pick your dress from the following list:

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