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Min Coin: 1s, 51c
Max Coin: 1s, 68c
a gnoll paw
Faction Changes:

After completing Mysterious Machine, Lieutenant Dawson gives you this quest, called Ambushed: Lieutenant Dawson asks you to search the sites of previous ambushes and see if you can find anything that may point to who is responsible. The three locations have multiple items you can click to get the update:

  1. 648.44, -33.15, 639.51 (Located S of "The Refuse Heap" where you killed the Ravenous bog slugs.)
  2. 574.09, -33.13, 469.66 (located just N of Vermin's Style well.)
  3. 733.55, -33.04, 478.54 (located just W of the Pond behind a tall wooden wall and a huge rock that you cannot climb over. It is wedged in-between.)

Return to Lieutenant Dawson for your reward. This opens up On the Move.

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