In the Name of Honor  

CategoryOutpost of the Overlord
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 1s, 5c
Max Coin: 1s, 17c
Laena's ring
Parchment Scrap

This quest is given by Charles Arker after you complete the 'In The Name of Prestige' quest.

Charles tells you to find and kill Laena. First you must search for her in the following places:

  • The Wilderwood
  • The Rocky Dig
  • Cliffdiver Canyon
  • Wilderbear Vale (at the end of Cliffdiver Canyon).

In the final location the ghost of Laena will spawn. Kill her and she will drop a Parchment Scrap, examine this to begin the quest 'The Tunarian Plot'.

In The Name of Prestige Isle of Refuge
Quest Series
The Tunarian Plot
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