A Presence of Evil  

CategoryQueen's Colony
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 55c
Max Coin: 63c
Qeynosian Cloth Cuffs
Qeynosian Studded Wristguards
Qeynosian Plated Bracers
Qeynosian Leather Sleeves

This quest is given by Murrar Shar after you complete The Art of Combat quest. He refers you to Sergeant Haggus just outside the west gate, who has some tasks for you.

Sergeant Haggus first asks you to kill three Tainted Sapswill Invaders for him. These are located just outside of the gates. After killing three return to Sergeant Haggus.

He wll then ask you to search for signs of the missing soldiers a tad bit deeper in the Sunset Meadow to the west of the gate. Basically your looking for a dead soldier laying on the ground. These spawn in random areas near 115, -3.8, 181.

When you find the dead soldier you will receive an update and a defiled soldier will spawn. Kill him and return to Sergeant Haggus.

Haggus will give you a Guidebook to the Queen's Colony at this point. You can read this book by right clicking and selecting read. Read it all the way through to initiate The Queen's Colony quest.

Haggus will then send you back to Murrar Shar who will complete the quest. Murrar Shar will then offer you the Into the Tainted Forest quest.

Click here to see the video walkthrough by Kidknie Rippender.

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