A Feather on the Sea  

You must first complete Steps to Acceptance before Rui will offer this quest.

Speak to Rui at -1573,-536,-2412 within Fina's Retreat in the Great Divide.

  1. Purchase Rui's bird nets for 10c  from Chitter at -1597,-533,-2419
  2. Head south out of Fina's Retreat to the fishing village and walk up to Rui at -1319,-536,-2185 . He should tell you that the birds are flying overhead and update your quest.
  3. Climb to the top of the hill at -1377,-515,-2178 and you will see a migrating seagull flying right overhead.
  4. Target a seagull and catch it by using the fishing net you purchased. Do this to 3 seagulls.
  5. Return to Rui in the fishing village to complete the quest.

NOTE: The shoulders that match this armor set are the Gnollish Bonemail Spaulders, which are a reward from So Very Hungry given by a gnoll named Snaps in the Great Divide at Snowfang Isle, at -904, -520, -2134 .

Great Divide
Quest Series
Fina's Retreat

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