Marauding Murkblooms  

Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Related Items:
Strange Idol
Min Coin: 1s, 59c
Max Coin: 1s, 77c
Choice Of:
Nektulos Stalker's Wrap
Nektulos Healer's Wrap
Nektulos Defender's Wrap
Nektulos Medium's Wrap
Faction Changes:

This is the third quest in the Militia Quest Line in Nektulos Forest.

  1. Kill various Murkblooms (all around Behemoth pond ( 232,3,-260 ) ).
  2. Find what may have caused the murkblood aggressions
    • harvest a strange idol -229.94, 4.28, -262.24
  3. report back to Lieutenant Kaneth to conclude this quest.

Haze Hunting Nektulos Forest
Quest Series
Lost in the Forest
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