Missing Agent Man  

CategoryKael Drakkel: Temple of Rallos Zek
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Min Coin: 48g, 35s, 24c
Max Coin: 53g, 38s, 27c

February 22, 2011

Rodderick MacLorna has asked that I enter The Temple of Rallos Zek and look for an agent named Malcom Wallace. I've been told that the Temple's defenses are comprised of several layers, therefore I must find a way of infiltrating the outer defense of the Temple before I can find the missing agent.

  1. Look for the hidden Ragebourne agent and discover that the temple door is locked.
  2. Find a way to unlock the wooden door leading to the next portion of the Temple. This is a lever system in the upper region of the Rotunda of Victory. Pulling the correct lever will unlock the door.
  3. Find and speak to Malcom Wallace. ( -250, 61, -2171 )

I made my way through the Temple of Rallos Zek and established contact with a Ragebourne agent named Malcom Wallace.

Kael Drakkel
Quest Series
Temple of Rallos Zek

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