Enemies to the Crown  

Level100 (Scales)
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Required Mobs:

Carvox M'Laeren sends you to kill 5 enemies in Neriak. They are NPC's, but if you hail them while on this quest they become attackable at your character's level.

  • Klorn Twofingers at 33.97, 3.65, 323.59 at the docks.
  • Zylock D'Ryil at 174.89, 29.85, 198.60 in the D'Morte Inn on the far western side of town.
  • Jareth D'Veers at -506.19, 24.65, 272.55 in the Provisioner's shop, south of Ambassador V'Nox.
  • J'Xon T'Zandar at -659.34, 29.30, -17.55 in the Nightsong Opera House, east of the Death Grotto Teleporter.
  • Akore K'Despara at -601.28, 28.30, -148.85 in the Darklight Palace, to the east of the main gates along the wall.

Kill them all and return to Carvox.

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