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This quest is initiated by reading the book "Collapse". This item is obtained by clicking a book at -832.16, -6.33, -108.74 in the House of Circles in Rivervale. It consists of 9 kill tasks. After you complete each kill task you must read the book again for the next. The steps are:

1) Kill 10 Tainted Nymphs 2) Kill 6 Carnivorous Rippers (in stream next to Shakey's Farm) 3) Kill 8 Lamia Savages 4) Kill 6 Lamia Soulsirens 5) Kill 6 Shadow Hounds 6) Kill 8 Field Frights 7) Kill 7 Tainted Maidens 8) Kill 6 Shadow Hounds 9) 10 Tainted Maidens

After completing the 9th step and reading the book you receive a furniture version of the book and some experience.

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